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Composted Biosolids Excellent for Erosion Control

October 20, 2017

Using composted biosolids to minimize soil erosion is an excellent strategy to recycle biosolids and reduce the negative impact of soil erosion, which is one of the more serious environmental concerns that we have. Loss of organic matter is detrimental to the health and well being of our soil. Erosion of our soil leads to negative environmental impacts to the health of our waters and fish and other animals that live it it.

Grass seed was planted at the same time on the slope in the photograph. On the left, the grass has barely germinated, and on the right, the grass is flourishing.

A composted mulch reduces the potential for soil erosion in two ways:

  1. It reduces the impact of raindrops, which cause the soil particles to erode, and
  2. It promotes vegetation which further reduces the potential impact of precipitation on erosion.

Compost promotes vegetation in three ways:

  1. It prevents the soil from drying out as quickly, allowing seeds to germinate
  2. It shelters the seed, preventing it from drying out and failing to germinate
  3. It provides nutrients that allow the vegetation to establish.

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