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Composted Biosolids – Beneficial Use as a Growing Media

October 9, 2017

We need to find beneficial uses for biosolids from our communities. Biosolids are produced in communities that implement wastewater treatment processes to reduce the negative environmental impact on our soil and water, including ground water, streams, lakes and our oceans. We will be producing increasingly more biosolids as our communities around the world improve their wastewater treatment.

Composting the biosolids is one way to eliminate potential pathogens, remove odour and stabilize the trace elements. It also appears to be the best process currently available that is most likely to eliminate some of the compounds of concern that enter our wastewater system.

When biosolids are composted with woody materials, the composted biosolids make an excellent ingredient for a growing media for ornamental and other plants in our communities. Its an excellent way to recycle organic matter and nutrients, particularly phosphorus, which is a finite resource.

Beautifying our communities with ornamental plants also benefits the wildlife in our communities.

As we think about reducing our negative environmental footprint, and improving our circular economies, recycling our biosolids as a growing media ingredient is one strategy that also beautifies our neighbourhoods!

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